Whether you are new or not at social media you should contact us for more information about Konnect Insights, we are the official representatives in North and South America. 

Our social media tool was design to provide everything you need as a brand, where you will get:

Knowing what your customers are talking about your brand, monitor what was mentions about your brand online to have a better understand of the customer perception, identify feeling changes and be capable of measure your brand visibility – at REAL-TIME.
Compare your marketing performance and brand recognition against all your competitors. Discover/gain deeper consumer insights that can inform and enable changes in corporate competitive strategy.
Manage a crisis that can hit your mark, where every second count. Never miss a critical mention and ensure you have the tools to guide your teams through these defining moments.
Build a data-driven culture. Slow companies, stuck in inertia because it’s “what we’ve been doing for years,” will permanently lose. The world’s fastest-growing companies change course when necessary!
Anticipate consumer needs. You cannot predict the future without understanding the past. With access to the largest source of historical consumer conversations, you can spot trends that competitors miss.
Discover conversations on the news, blogs, forums, complaint forums, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and all social platforms with ease. Learn about these conversations with beautiful BI dashboards and tools.


You can export all the available charts from the Listening, Ticketing, and Social Analytics module to Dashboards

There are over 40 custom widgets at your disposal. Some of the most loved ones are classification based widgets, iFrame widgets, image/video widgets

You can even connect external sources with Dashboards. Call the external APIs and harness the power of Konnect Insights dashboards

You can customize dashboards in various themes. Why just go by the themes/colors that we offer? You would want to customize them to your brand colors. This is available in Konnect Insights dashboards

The custom charts (and we will cover this in detail in our next email) that you create can be sent to dashboards too

Power of BI (Business Intelligence) tools

Built on the latest Big Data technologies, Konnect Insights is the tool designed for today’s changing times and meeting modern business requirements and used by marketers, customer service, senior management, analysts, and CEO. Want to know more or take a test? Get in touch with us!

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